Fred Flintstone’s car, for sale on the internet [PHOTO Gallery] image

A completely functional version of the world famous Fred Flintstone’s car is on sale on the internet.

The fanaticism has no limits when it comes to cars as it is best demonstrated by this fully functional replica of Fred Flintstone’s car which is on sale.

Even though we don’t exactly know all of the car’s features, we can see that wood appears to be the main “ingredient”.

According to the person who is selling the vehicle, the car has a 1.6 liter petrol engine and it “ran” for about 80.000 km, even though it was produced this year.

The car is a two-seater which can be ideal for cruising in warm climate on the coast. You will definitely attract all eyes on you.

If you have been convinced in buying Fred Flintstone’s car you should know that it isn’t expensive. In fact it is quite cheap. Like 2.200 euros cheap.






  • Spooky


    This sounds really cool, but can you add a link to the source of this story, or the actual sales page, otherwise people are going to think you just invented this story.


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  • Parris

    Hello, I would like to have the owner`s contact number or e-mail if possible…. Thank you!!!!!

  • edward

    is it possible to buy a big flintstones car like this but a plastic version so i can have it in my home? if someone know where and if i can plz tell me(:

  • Jessica

    Are you really selling this car or what?