GM now relegated to fourth position among global automakers image

Almost a decade ago, the global automaker to beat was General Motors – a position held for about three quarters of the past century. Now, Toyota leads the sales game, followed in second place by Volkswagen.

The No.1 US automaker only comes in third if we take into account sales for the first six months of the year – and if we take into consideration just the financial results from the latest quarter, GM is even relegated to the fourth position. The analysts and industry observers even question General Motors’ ability to maintain its current position – especially if the ongoing safety problems eat more into its sales and revenue.

Germany’s Volkswagen AG (second when it comes to sales in 2014), reported for the April to June quarter gross sales of $68 billion, followed by the world’s unit sales leader Toyota with $62 billion in revenues. Surprisingly, Daimler AG slipped past GM to secure the third spot with $42 billion – while the latter only turned up 39 billion in second-quarter revenues.

And fifth placed Euro-Asian Renault-Nissan Alliance trails the US automaker by just $100 million. Then comes Ford’s $37 million in revenue, while the rapid growing Korean pair Hyundai-Kia clocked $31 billion. Japanese automaker Honda with revenues of $29 billion and BMW with $26 billion rounded up the top ten list.