GM to launch a recall smartphone app image

General Motors wants to keep its customers informed over recall safety campaigns through a phone application.

It is no wonder that such application is needed, as customers have been lately flooded with endless safety campaigns. 2015 was an all-time high in terms of automotive recalls in the United States, as more than 51 million vehicles were affected by recalls in nearly 900 such announcements, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Automotive News reports that General Motors plans to make its customers aware of any technical problems more swiftly, by launching a smartphone app in two months’ time from now. The app is a very straightforward one, as the user has to just click on a “Check For Recalls” tab within the “Vehicle Status” section.

This is part of the US regulators and automakers efforts to persuade drivers to respond to recalls and to bring their cars to dealers, thus saving more lives. The new app with the recall feature will be impended starting from July 18 on all GM’s four brands, and it will replace the OnStar’s RemoteLink one.

The latter has 2.5 million active users in North America, Europe and China and it is used more than 10 million times every month to remotely start, lock and unlock vehicles, get data, send directions to the car and more. In the first quarter of 2016, the app was used for more than 50 million interactions.

GM started to offer emergency, security, navigation and connections services through its OnStar 20 years ago, a service that now includes features such as 4G LTE, e-commerce and personal concierge, vehicle health management or ride- and car-sharing.

Via Automotive News