Italian Police has smashed the Lamborghini Gallardo Policia !!! image

After about a year of duty, the Gallardo 560-4 Police car was damaged beyond repair near the northern Italian town of Cremona where it was on display at a student jobs fair.

According to Italian Police, the police Lamborghini had been traveling on routine enquiries when a careless motorist pulled out suddenly from a gas station in front of them and caused them to hit into parked cars.

One of the two officers in the vehicle at the time of the incident



  • Jerry

    That's sad to look at =(
    I would have beat the fool to death with a yule log.

  • NuucucaGuers

    i'm wondering if Lamborghini will give another Lambo to Italian Police…

  • bjc2x

    at the least the engine is still good

  • Secret Exotics

    Too bad, its a shame

  • monster

    what dickheads who would he need to chase to be in it