Lada Niva is renamed the Lada Taiga image

The classic Lada Niva off-roader has been recently renamed the Lada Taiga and the model will continue to be offered in most markets across the globe.

Lada has brought a “fresh touch” to the classic Niva but rather than offering a new generation, or even a facelift, the Russian based carmaker has decided to change the name of the off-roader. The Lada Niva will be named the Taiga soon and the model will continue to be offered with a low-range gearbox, with a differential lock, with ABS, underbody protection and more. Prices for the model start at 10,990 euros.

As a quick reminder, the Lada Niva, or the Taiga as it will be renamed, is a Russian off-road vehicle produced by AvtoVAZ. The model has been in production ever since 1977 and it’s being assembled in Russia, Uruguay, Colombia, Kazakhstan and Ecuador. The Niva / Taiga is coming in five body styles, 3-door SUV, 5-door SUV, 2-door Pickup, 4-door Pickup and van, with a front engine, four-wheel drive layout. Two petrol engines are available for the model, a 1.6L and a 1.7L, along with two transmissions, a 4-speed manual and a 5-speed manual.