Lamborghini Project SV Veneto by SR Auto Group image

The latest project from the US car specialist SR Auto Group is known as the SR Project SV Veneto and looks like an insane supercar with an insane color.

The SR Auto Group’s Lamborghini started its life as a Murcielago LP-670-4 SuperVeloce and from what we can see it has all the chances to become every kid’s dream, with a huge poster placed on the bedroom door.

We can say that this unique color is a good way to ruin the elegance of the supercar but then again it makes us think at the old Lambos, like the Diablo, which had an exterior design loved by everyone. Maybe this is the case here too and after Lamborghini began production of new “ordinary” supercars, SR Auto Group came and said: “We will show you how this should have been made”.

“There is no manipulation here, what you see before you as completely real. Project Veneto began as a bare naked Lamborghini SV. Within a short time frame, Project Veneto was dressed in a brand new outfit. Just like fashion, the purpose is to create stunning pieces that have all eyes locked. Project Veneto is vivid, strong, edgy and most of all unique”, as the tuner noted.

The SR Auto Group didn’t provide any extra information about their Lambo project so it is our job to decide if we like it or not. So do we?