Land Rover considered BMW V12 engine for Range Rover image

The British based automaker Land Rover was planning to offer the 1999 Range Rover with a BMW sourced V12 engine, which should have been the leader of the segment.

With the new generation of the Range Rover being officially revealed just a day before writing this article, the luxury crossover is once again being placed into the spotlights, but not as you might have expected. According to the guys at, Land Rover was considering a powerful BMW V12 engine for the mid-1990s Range Rover, but because the company had other things on its mind, the project was left aside.

The source mentioned above has managed to get its hands onto a few photos which are revealing that Land Rover has produced a prototype of the second generation of the Range Rover, which featured a BMW sourced V12 engine. The unit mentioned was borrowed from the 7-Series and the prototype came with an extended front overhand in order to accommodate the massive power plant. The project was left aside for no obvious reason and right after that Land Rover was sold to Ford so the idea of a high-performance Range Rover was quickly dismissed. I wonder where Range Rover would have been today if the project would have been put into production.

  • The Cheshire Cowboy

    Actually, it was left aside for a very good reason. The money that could have been spent on the huge extra tooling costs of a whole new front end was instead used to make the 3rd generation L322 Range Rover the world-beater it was. Squandering the L322 budget on a low-voume folly involving a car that was a) near the end of its life and b) already suffering from reliability issues could well have led to the the L322 falling into the same trap of under-development as the P38