Lawyers swarm to lead cases against General Motors image

GM, the No.1 US automaker, is facing more trouble in the near future. The litigations against the company for the defective ignition switch recall are mounting, and lawyers across the country gathered to pitch their way to leadership roles.

In a marathon hearing held by US District Judge Jesse Furman in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, almost 40 lawyers from across the nation gathered to “fight” their way to leadership. The move was due to the fact that numerous cases against the automaker – around 109 so far – have been consolidated into one single litigation.

“This is an important case, a high-profile case, and you need the very best lawyers,” said David Boies, a high-profile lawyer present at the pitch. “This is not a time for false modesty.”

“I spent two and a half years of my life dealing with the issues (in Toyota) that we’ll deal with here,” added Steve Berman, who led plaintiffs cases against the Japanese automaker back in 2010.

The cases, brought against GM because of its delayed 2.6 million cars recall involving a deadly ignition switch, have brought claims not compensated by the newly established victims’ fund. They involve personal injury claims, as well as lowered vehicle value due to the numerous subsequent recalls. Besides the 40 lawyers present at the hearing, numerous others presented written applications, as the Judge opened the competition for one of the 15 leading roles in the litigation.

Via Reuters