Leaked – BMW X7 Concept seen before Frankfurt premiere image

Reports have been swirling for months revolving around BMW’s decision to host the premiere of the X7 Concept at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show, and even the automaker added gas on the fire with a Twitter tease of a “big” surprise arriving soon.

And where there’s smoke, a fire will naturally burn, so what we have here are the alleged leaked official photos of the X7 Concept, which is set to preview the upcoming new flagship SUV for the Bavarian brand. These pictures might be the real deal – these leaks are usually correct – but remember to always take these news with a pinch of salt, just to be sure. We have a hunch these are real since BMW’s own Twitter teaser includes a picture of a top-down model featuring a glass roof with Y cross bars – and these features also appear in the leaked batch.

Leaked - BMW X7 Concept seen before Frankfurt premiere 8

By the way, the X7 is not only BMW’s all-new flagship SUV, but also the first SUV model from the brand to feature a third row for seating up to seven persons – though space for the third row looks rather unusable if you’re an adult. While this is a concept, we can clearly see how the X7 is going to adopt a new styling direction for the SUV range, with a “larger than life” American-way of seeing things. Everything is big and bold, even ostentatious – as opposed to the very discrete measure of luxury we’ve come accustomed from the brand’s 5 or 7 Series sedans. As for details about everything – from powertrain to the time of arrival for the series production version, we’ll just have to patiently wait to get official word from BMW.

Via Bimmerpost