Lexus GS will get a diesel engine image

The Japanese car manufacturer Lexus will introduce a diesel version on its GS model.

Going against a large competition with the Mercedes-Benz E-Class or the BMW 5-Series, and considering the company’s “hybrid” philosophy, Lexus will most likely come with an “eco-friendly” version.

The new diesel engine will have, according to Autocar, four cylinders and will not only reduce the GS’s price but it will also offer good fuel efficiency.

According to the Japanese auto maker, the development will open a new pathway for the company with the introduction of the new engine on the GS and it will no longer be an alternative to the competition’s diesels.

Battling with the German major car manufacturers, the Lexus GS won’t be equipped with the diesel unit from its launch, the engine being expected from 2013.

The new Lexus GS will be officially unveiled during the Frankfurt Motor Show in September and the Germans will then know for sure if they should be afraid of the Japanese auto maker.