Lexus LFA GTE racer gets photo tweet image

The first image with what is supposed to be the Lexus LFA GTE racer has recently made its way onto the web, than to the company’s race driver Akira Iida.

The stock Lexus LFA, which was used during some races, including the 24 Hours of the Nurburgring, is expected to get a motorsport exclusive version, in the shape of the LFA GTE racer, and rumors which were saying that Toyota’s luxury brand was working on this version over the past months are actually confirmed these days by the image posted above.

The company’s Lexus race driver, Akira Iida, has recently tweeted this photo of an LFA racer on a rolling road, and the vehicle is expected to be just that exclusive version of the stock LFA. Rumors are saying that the LFA GTE racer photographed and tweeted by Akira Iida, will be driven by him in the next year’s Le Mans Series. Akira Iida didn’t reveal any details on the car but the automaker is expected to step forward over the following months and release some details on it. Meanwhile, you can check out the image posted above.

Source: Twitter