The popular TV show actor Rowan Atkinson, best known for his ‘Mr. Bean’ role, crashed his McLaren F1 into a street sign after losing control of the car.

Even if ‘Mr. Bean’ drove only small old Minis or three-wheeled Reliant Regals in his show, the actor behind the role, Rowan Atkinson, is actually a petrol-head.

Rowan Atkinson went on Top Gear on Season 17 and talked about his cars, about the Rolls Royce Phantom who was going to be sold with the 9-liter V16 and about his Rolls powered by the same engine.

The 56-year old actor’s fans truly convinced themselves how much of a petrol head Atkinson is after finding out that he owns a McLaren F1, the hypercar which can hit 240 mph.

But enough of this and let’s talk about the accident. According to the Police, Rowan Atkinson was driving his McLaren F1 on the A605 in Haddon, England, when he lost control of the car because of a wet section, ending up in a street sign.

Thankfully the car’s safety systems did their job and ‘Mr. Bean’ was taken to the Peterborough District Hospital with only a minor shoulder injury.

The supercar was the only one which suffered and an eyewitness said that the right door was cut away by the rescuers to get to Rowan.

‘Mr. Bean’s’ passion for cars is also confirmed by Rodney, his brother: “The faster they are the more he likes them. He is a very good driver, there is no doubt about that, and this is his first accident I have heard of involving him. Obviously we are relieved he is uninjured”, said the actor’s brother.


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