New logo for Skoda from 2011 image

  • Mike

    Much better ! much clean ! I Like it

  • Lucas

    Thats a diseaster. Colors are so crap. And awfull drop shadow…

  • JE3

    Too simple i think …

  • inautonews

    Škoda Logo (1926-1990)
    The logo with the famous “winged arrow” was first used in 1926. Its origin is shrouded in mystery, sometimes the author of the idea (the stylised head of an Indian wearing a headdress with five feathers) is said to be the commercial director of Škoda Plzeň, T. Maglič. The blue and white circular logo, which is completed by a right-moving winged arrow with a stylised pinion, is currently used on some original Škoda parts (e.g. on window glass and engine blocks).

  • Wowo

    Who cares? It looks silly. Why they just do not leave it alone and make something new…

  • baldric313

    Would look good on a toy car. It's awfull.


    How sad, a chance to embellish the existing logo to symbolise how the manufacturer has progressed over the years to become a quality car manufacturer unfortunately this insignia looks "CHEAP" Think again SKODA yes SKODA not Volkwagen!

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  • Kebin Varghese

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  • KebinVarghese

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  • Rohan Balram

    the previous logo had class! this has nothing!