New Transporter TV Series, starring Audi A8 image

The new Transporter TV Series made by Cinemax will have a special star in the main role: the new Audi A8.

The popular Transporter movies, starring Jason Statham, were a success and huge bag of money for the producers, the next step being the introduction of a TV series with the same name.

British actor Chris Vance and Hungarian actress Adrea Osvart will be playing Frank Martin and Martin’s handler and former CIA operative.

Even though there isn’t an official confirmation from anyone involved in the Transporter TV Series or from Audi regarding the presence of an A8, a promo shot released from Cinemax with the Audi A8 in the background is all we need.

With driver assistance and high performance tech, which makes it handle like a sports car, the new Audi A8’s direct-injection V8 enginge gives it plenty of power, fuel economy on the highway and almost everything you can wish for in a luxurious German car.

An increased sporty driving, a lot of special effects, action and the presence of the new Audi A8 will surely insure a great success of the new Transporter TV series, but the replacement of Jason Statham with Chris Vance could be a step behind for the producers.