Next-gen Mitsubishi L200 to be offered as a Fiat too image

Mitsubishi and Fiat have signed a partnership which will lead to the development of a midsize pickup truck by the Italian based automaker based on the next-gen L200.

Mitsubishi apparently has some plans for the future as the development of a next generation L200 has been recently made. Thanks to a partnership signed with Fiat, the latter will create its own version of the pickup truck. Whether it will be as good as the Nissan Navara or the Ford Ranger, it remains to be seen, but chances are it will put some distance between the current model.

The brand new Mitsubishi L200 will be based on the GR-HEV Concept, unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. The one-off vehicle stands at 5,420 mm in length, 1,930 mm in width and 1,775 mm in height, riding on a 3,000 mm long wheelbase. Power is coming from a 2.5 liter Mitsubishi Clean Diesel engine which is working together with an electric motor, mounted at the front, and a battery pack. The assembly is connected to an automatic transmission. No performance details have been announced but the CO2 emissions are standing in at 149 g/km. The new L200 should be unveiled over the next following months.