Renault Alpine concept leaked ahead of Monaco debut image

The all-new Renault Alpine concept car has recently leaked all over the web, ahead of its official debut at this weekend, at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Rumors are saying that the new Renault Alpine concept is actually named the ZAR, and this will be a working prototype which will celebrate A100’s 50th anniversary. The Renault Alpine ZAR is expected to come as an electric vehicle, but this might even be based on the powerful Nissan GT-R. If the model will be well received by the audience at this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix, it will eventually be shown at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and, eventually, at this year’s Paris Motor Show in autumn.

The Renault Alpine ZAR concept might make it into production, and if this happens, Renaultsport will lead the development. The Renault Alpine ZAR concept might be the company’s first step into reviving the Alpine brand, which was announced back in late 2001 by the second man in hierarchy, Carlos Tavares. Initial rumors were saying that the new Alpine models won’t become so “aggressive” as their predecessors, and they will try to be iconic with elegance and prestige, similar to Citroen’s DS lineup. The first production version of the Alpine brand is expected to hit the market sometimes in 2013, but the process might actually be speeded up.

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