According to Japanese media, Mazda’s partnership with Toyota will soon be yielding tangible results as the former will borrow a rear-wheel drive from the latter to underpin the next Mazda 6, as well as the production version of the RX-Vision concept.

The idea is quite intriguing – and means Mazda does have intentions to move the future generation of the Mazda6 a bit up market, but of course we’re actually more interested in the fact that such as performance-capable chassis would be used to underpin the series version of the tantalizing RX-Vision concept. In addition, the rumors speak of a new design language for the Mazda6, with a premium styling and the company’s latest developments in terms of powertrains, the new Skyactiv X engines with compression ignition taking care of performance aspects.

Mazda has been increasing its partnership with Toyota – the two are already jointly setting up a plant in the United States and have been sharing commercial vehicles in Japan. According to the report, the architecture used for the Mazda 6 and the RX would be a new one, used for Toyota’s premium Lexus IS and GS models. The only thing up for debate is the introduction schedule – it’s still unknown if the switch will happen when this current Mazda6 generation is retired to greener pastures – around 2019 – or the company will have to wait until something like 2025.

Via Car Sensor


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