The second life of Alfa 166 image

From March 2011, Alfa 166 will come to life again – in China. Under the name Trumpchi this will be the first model, the company will sells under the brand Guangzhou Automobile GAC.

Back in 1998, Alfa Romeo launched the full size limousine; the Alfa Romeo 166. Since then a facelift was made in 2003. After 2007, a successor was not build.


However, from March 2011, the sedan will start a second life. This time, far from Italy; In China.

Based on the old Alfa Romeo 166 sedan, the Trumpchi is slated to go on sale in March, priced between $18,500 and $28,500, which will position it near the top of Chinese domestic brands. Initially, the new full size sedan will come with a Fiat/Alfa 2.0 Twinspark four-cylinder engine, rated at 148 horsepower and 135 pound-feet of torque. The power will bring life via a five-speed manual or automatic gearbox. Eventually, the car also will be offered with a smaller 1.8-liter engine.


  • zaka

    This is not like the alfa 166 i do not no why they write this.

  • inautonews

    it doesn't need to look like the original alfa .. the car will use the same platform