Six baby squirrels rescued from a BMW Z4 M image

We all heard the phrase “baby panda tears coming out of the exhaust system” when reading about “eco-friendly” vehicles but this story may bring yet another saying into the “industry”, after six baby squirrels were rescued from a BMW Z4 M at Watkins Glen.

According to during the BMW CCA driving school the owner of a Z4 M coupe heard odd sounds from under the hood and after he pulled over he discovered six baby squirrels living in the car’s airbox and after the “piece” was removed the animals escaped unharmed.


This may be yet another marketing campaign from BMW and after the German automaker gave up on the old six-cylinder engine, replacing it with a new four-cylinder turbocharged unit, the six-squirrel powerplant might be a choice for future customers who want a “green” car.

We now wonder how much power did the Z4 M coupe had with the additional six squirrels under its hood and when will some peanut stations be made to fill the animals.