Skoda to introduce two SUVs and two crossovers image

The Czech based automaker is planning to introduce four new models within the next years, two crossovers, which will replace the current Roomster in 2014, and two SUVs, coming in one year later, which will replace the Yeti.

According to the Car magazine, the Roomster will be replaced in 2014 by a new crossover, which will be similar in size and shape to the Volkswagen Touran, while a larger people carrier, similar to the Volkswagen Sharan, will make its way onto the market in 2016.

The popular Yeti will be replaced by two new models, one of them coming in 2015, based on the Volkswagen Tiguan, and the other will be arriving on the scene in 2016, and it will be a larger seven-seater SUV.

The four new models which will take the shape of two crossovers and two SUVs are part of Skoda’s plan to introduce a new vehicle every six months for the next years.

Sadly we don’t know more details about the four new models which will enter Skoda’s lineup from 2014, but we expect the Czech based automaker to preview them at the upcoming automotive events.