Spotted – This could very well be the US-spec Bugatti Chiron image

Since March, when Bugatti released the hyper-successor of the Veyron hypercar at the Geneva Motor Show, all spotters have been honing their skills in a bid to capture the “monster” on camera.

As it turns out, one great spotting location is of course the proximity of Molsheim, the automaker’s hometown, where another unit has been recently spotted. With the fan hype surrounding the Chiron we’re unsure if the automaker needs to build any more marketing strategies around it for the common folk. For example the unit spotted in France has a retro-flavored color scheme that mixes White and Blue. While this combination may deliver a less imposing appearance than we’re used to, the demeanor could very well be just the result of the quality and setting of the images. More importantly for us, this example has some interesting clues embedded in its test production guise.

If we look carefully we can spot a pair of different elements next to the rear number plate, though we can’t make them out because of the low resolution. They could very well be the US-spec impact bumpers, and corroborated with the rear number plate’s shape and reflective elements just next to the rear wheels we could build a case here for Bugatti prototype testing the version for North America.

Via  Magazín ProDriver CZ