Study finds budget brand owners happier than luxury ones image

According to the 2017 edition of the Auto Express Driver Power study, the old saying “money doesn’t buy happiness” seems to be valid in the automotive world as well.

Well that’s at least valid for the British drivers that took part in the survey, and the 16th annual edition of the country’s largest satisfaction survey has found out the Skoda Superb, which is as we all know a larger but more affordable VW Passat, is the car that makes owners happiest. And the score is also pretty good – 93.4 percent. And surprise, surprise – the immediate followup model is the now dead Skoda Yeti – which trails as close as a cat’s whisker, at 93.3%. We’ll have to wait and see if the tamed down Karoq crossover will have what it takes to best its funky predecessor.

The single premium brand reaching the Top 5 roster was the Lexus with the RX model, coming in third with a 93.1% score, which was equal to the Toyota RAV4 and just barely above the fifth position occupied by the Kia cee’d (93%). The rankings included a total of 75 models – and the shame bearers were the VW up!, Audi A1, Citroën C4 Cactus, Ford Mondeo, and the Citroën C1 in the last position. British owners seem content with the choice they made because the average score is of 89.5%, with the study asking no less than 70,000 new car owners that had to ascertain their views in nine categories, with reliability, running costs, comfort, and handling among them.

Via Auto Express