Tesla was the most popular car brand searched on Google in the US image

Google has just released its list of the top searches for the past year, and Tesla Motors was the No.1-searched for car brand in the US. Bugatti, Mini, Ford and Jeep rounded out the top five most popular searches.

Tesla was also the top trending automaker in the U.S., meaning it saw the largest increase in search volume over 2012. What is no surprise is that interest in the Hawthorne, Calif.-based brand varies with geography. California ranked as the most Tesla-interested state by Google counting arithmetic, while interior states like, say, North and South Dakota and Wyoming were rather less enthused. The states of Washington and New Jersey, respectively, were those with the next-most-professed interest after California.

As for specific cities, those along the West Coast and Northeast had the most interest in Tesla, with significant pockets in a line across Chicago, Minneapolis and Detroit reaching down to Austin and Miami. Those regions also generally match where Tesla has planted or will plant its supercharger stations.

It looks like although it also had some bad news, with the Model S fires and the NHTSA pending investigation, Tesla benefits from the concept that “bad” publicity is still publicity, making it ever more interesting to the public.

Via Forbes