This is one crazy Nissan GT-R with 1,400 HP image

An extremely modified version of the Nissan GT-R is coming from Jotech and it is bringing no less than 1, 400 HP.

The Godzilla is getting hotter and hotter with each passing day thanks to tuners from across the globe and even if its official successor is just around the corner, the current generation is still promising enough thrills to get you through the day. This particular example has been signed by a tuning company called Jotech. The model has received a stage 6 upgrade and this basically means that the 4.1 liter V6 engine with the turbocharger have been added under its hood. The result? A staggering 1,400 HP which is more than enough to call this a true “megacar”.

Besides the impressive amount coming from under its hood, the Nissan GT-R by Jotech has also received a full carbon fiber body kit, which also means adding the carbon fiber bonnet, helping its weight go down and giving it a unique look. The vehicle has been lowered too and it is now riding on forged 5.1 alloy wheels finished in black with red insides. The whole car has been painted in a matte gery, with red accents added and Jotech says that this full kit costs 95,000 USD. This is without the cost of the GT-R, of course, so if you can afford it and you would like to smoke a lot of exotic rides, than you should go ahead and place a deposit.