Toyota now No.3 in global vehicle sales image

Toyota Motor Co. sold 3.7 million vehicles worldwide this year, down 11 percent compared to a year earlier as sales crashed 62 percent in April-June on production disruptions caused by the March earthquake and tsunami in northeastern Japan.

GM’s global sales increased 8.9 per cent over the first half of 2010 to 4.53 million units, while Volkswagen jumped into second position with 4.13 million vehicle sales. It is to be mentioned here that Volkswagen is aiming to become the largest car maker in the world by year 2018.

“Even if Toyota recovers production, it will take another few more months for sales to actually recover” as it takes time to deliver vehicles to dealers, said Takeshi Miyao, an analyst at consulting company Carnorama in Tokyo. “Toyota’s sales may trail behind Volkswagen in the full-year as well.”

Market analysts believe that Toyota may lose even the second largest car maker’s spot to Volkswagen for the full year sales as well…

Toyota predicted in April that its recovery period, or the point at which production will return to pre-quake levels, would be between November and December of this year, but has since changed its outlook and pushed the date forward to roughly September.

In the US, its July sales were down 22.7% compared with the same time last year.

  • Jerry

    Their cars started sucking lately since they started having American part suppliers and cut-corner costs. Their trucks are a joke. I own a Toyota and it's been good. But the fact of the matter is that people want better and expect better from this company.

  • d.m.

    how about all car companies losing out to the oil police formed by right of u.s.a. bill of rights. you know since 1974 oil crisis cars not desired.