UAW Head Advises Bochum Workers to Vote Again on the Restructuring Deal image

Bob King, the head of UAW union, advises Opel’s Bochum workers to accept the agreement they had previously rejected if they want to keep their jobs.

Bob King, who is also member of Opel’s supervisory board, says that hourly employees at the Bochum plant should ask Opel management to vote again on the proposed restructuring deal they have previously rejected in March. If they had accepted the agreement, the plant would have been kept open until the end of 2016 and 1,200 employees from the total of 3,000 would have kept their jobs.

Now the company plans to close the plant at the end of 2014, once production for the Zafira minivans will be ended. By closing this plant Opel hopes to reach profitability by 2015, ending 15 years of losses for GM in the European market.

“I would really hate to see that plant closed when so much effort was put in by IG Metall and the works council to save it,” King said on Tuesday. “I’m hoping if I talk about how that’s one of the things that happened in the U.S., that maybe the (Bochum) workers will do that. I don’t know if that’s possible, but at least that would open up a door of opportunity for people to talk.”

Source: Automotive News Europe