While Mercedes and BMW have commandeered the top positions in US luxury sales, the Japanese and US brands try to play catch up.

Toyota’s Lexus brand, which some years ago had all the US luxury market for itself is now in third place, behind April’s sales of Mercedes-Benz (25,887) and BMW (25,202). The good news for it is that last month’s sales of 23,165 units tallied a 28% growth for the brand, bigger than what the German duo recorded. The Japanese brand managed to double its entry level IS sales, while deliveries for the RX SUV increased 15%. For the first four months, total sales for the luxury brand are up 18% to 88,250 cars.

Honda’s Acura brand is also behind Audi’s record 15,653 cars it sold last month, only delivering 14,122 – a very small 1.6 % improvement. The brand had great sales only for its SUV models – with big gains for both the MDX and RDX.

General Motors luxury brand – Cadillac – is close to outgrowing Acura, with a 5.1 % increase to reach 13,900 cars. Infiniti sales grew 17% last month to 9,170 cars.

Ford’s Lincoln brand is really struggling, with sales falling 11% to 6,803 cars. Its MKZ sedan went down even further, by 24% to 3,054 cars.

Porsche deliveries went up 1% to 4,702 cars, while British Land Rover sales were up to a record 28% growth to 4,533 vehicles. Meanwhile, Jaguar’s sales also faltered, sliding 9.3% to 1,035 units.

Via Bloomberg


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