US Auto Customers See Smartphone Sync More Important than Car’s Price or Size image

A recent study shows that when it comes to buying expensive cars customers are less interested about the price and size and more about whether they can sync their smartphones.

Jim Farley, Ford’s Lincoln executive vice president, said before the New York International Auto Show, that automakers should be very attentive at the rapid changes that appear in the US car-buying and their effect on the consumers’ behavior. Convincing a customer to switch brands may become a difficult task due to the problem of making phones work with different companies’ technology.

“What if some day a customer doesn’t change brands because of how hard it is to transfer their data?” Mr. Farley asked.

Similar to customers’ quick opinion change when it comes to mobile devices, so is the situation with the vehicles. Buyers no longer put on the first places the price or the size of the car, but whether they can sync their smartphones. Farley emphasized the importance of making different automakers’ technology more similar, rather than competing in information systems, adding that the auto industry has not managed to evolve fast enough when it comes to how vehicles interact with mobile devices.

“Automotive companies have not necessarily been the most credible voice for technology,” he said. “That’s why it’s good to have Facebook and Google saying things that I’m not necessarily credible saying.”