US: Chevrolet’s future models to be overtly inspired by the Corvette image

According to General Motors’ global design chief Ed Welburn, we should expect many subtle elements of the next generations of Chevrolet cars to show they relate to the make’s beloved sports car.

That means that recognizing elements of the Corvette flagship sports car could be ported to many of Chevrolet’s upcoming models, including the hood design or hexagonal taillights. According to the design boss, his team is currently working hard to have Chevy’s next generation of cars, some of them coming out as early as next year, treated with the same DNA as the most iconic nameplate of the automaker. “As Malibu and Cruze and Volt come to market, you’ll be able to see a subtle link for all of them and Corvette,” Welburn told Automotive News.

The seventh-generation Corvette has gained wide praise for its styling that sets her next in line to the appealing European supercars, including the jet fighter-inspired elements. Now, because both Chevrolet global chief Alan Batey and Welburn want to push a “stunning design” for the brand’s upcoming vehicles, the company would make use of the iconic vehicle lines more often. Chevy might want to leverage that charismatic Corvette – or further down the line ever muscle-car Camaro machismo – to the other lines in the range, aiming to use a competitive exterior design as one of its key assets.

Via Automotive News