US: even teens from car aficionado families aren’t interested in driving image

The latest generation of American teens – called the millennials because they were born during the 1990s and early2000s – has been studied intensively. And when it comes to driving, the vast majority of research found they are more interested in mobile devices than cars.

That’s in stark contrast to many of their parents – whether male or female – who waited impatiently to get to the appropriate age to drive a car. The situation is even true when it comes to households that have a bigger-than average passion for cars, when parents suppose that by constantly exposing them to cars they would become equally enticed. What’s even worse is that the US auto industry has constantly grown over the years since the end of the latest economic recession, and it could soon peak if the millennial don’t get a change of hart.

According to federal census and highway administration data, teenagers in America don’t rush to get their licenses once they come of age – nationwide, just 27% of teenagers that have 16 years get a drivers license.

The reasons for skipping what was once one of the most important coming-of age acts are various and they range from lack of time to go to driver’s school to not affording the classes. And more interestingly, many recent studies show that young people would be far worse hit by the lack of access to their smartphone than losing the right to use a car.

Via Forbes