According to data from the Patent Board and Clean Energy Patent Growth Index, GM and Ford can back up with hard data the eternal public relations motto of leading the innovation pack.

While many other automakers claim to be innovation powerhouses, General Motors has now ruled all other automaker for the 11th consecutive quarter when it comes to patent fillings. On the other hand, Ford’s new generation of the F-150 pick-up truck leads his segment with the biggest number of patents filled for a single model.

According to the study released by the Patent Board, just in the last year General Motors has accumulated no less than 1,643 patents and the company now also leads all others when it comes to the total US clean energy patents granted, as revealed by the Clean Energy Patent Growth Index.

“GM’s contribution to innovation in its industry has clearly put it ahead of its competitors,” said Karl R. Wilhelm, chief executive officer of the Patent Board.

In an interesting example of the patent “war”, although Honda, Toyota and Hyundai are all ready to sell in the next year and a half fuel cell cars, the US automaker also leads the category, having the most fuel cell patents granted in 2013 – and actually led the category each year since 2002.


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