US: used Tesla Model S valued higher than new ones image

According to statistics from used-vehicle website, in the US an electric car could hold its value way better than conventional vehicles, as a second hand Tesla Model s could be sold for a good premium over a new one.

Form a survey of 45 million used car listings, a Model S can be sold for $99,734 – which is far more than what a model-year 2013 would have cost, with its base price of $69,900 (it’s way more than the top-end version’s $89,900 price tag, also). Also, we should take into account that the first time buyer also had a $7,500 federal tax credit – actually putting the price for a Model S in the $62,400-$82,400 range.

“Maybe people like to buy used because they don’t want to wait a couple months for the delivery of a new Model S,” says CEO Phong Ly.

With the average used-market price being around 20% higher than its original retail price, Tesla’s Model S sits a top industry’s top-selling electric cars according to, while Chevrolet’s Volt and Nissan’s Leaf are among the more normal models, with used prices 17% and 29% below what they were in the dealers showrooms.

The big prices for the premium electric sedan could prove as good news for the biggest premium seller of the world, BMW, which is currently almost ready to launch its US sales of the two electric cars it has in its portfolio – the city model i3 and the i8 supercar.

Via Forbes