[VIDEO] Man washing 2011 Mercedes CLS 350 CDI interior with power hose image

Macedonia is one strange country where apparently people don’t care too much if they ruin a perfectly good thing, in this case a 2011 Mercedes-Benz CLS 350 CDI, by using the power hose to clean its interior.

“Here is a video from my home country Macedonia. It happens that some idiot got plenty of cash, bought an expensive car, took the car to a car wash place where he insisted that he want the car washed inside as well. After the wash guy rejected his wish to wash it that way, the owner got the things in his hands… well for the rest watch the video”, as the uploader said on YouTube.

In the video below you can see the owner of the 2011 Mercedes-Benz CLS 350 CDI, registered in Italy, washing the interior of his expensive new car with the power hose. Water has been used on seats, dashboard, steering wheel and almost all the other things you can imagine.

We usually say “enjoy the video below” but if you enjoy this than you’re probably living in Macedonia and you fancy the Romanian that used a cardboard to turn his car into a taxi in Ireland.

  • Anon

    The license plate in the video (EH 750LF) is not from Macedonia; there is no license plate that starts with "EH" in Macedonia. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vehicle_registration…. As noted in the video, the plate is EU-issued (see the blue strip on the right with the EU logo), specifically from Italy (see the "I" on theblue strip to the left). There aren't many Macedonians that would be wealthy enough to buy a 2011 Merceders CLS 350, register the car in Italy (presumably as a resident), and then drive it back to Macedonia, promptly washing the inside with a power house.

  • rrrrrrrr

    could be from Bulgaria and purchased there and brought in. The idiot could still be from Macedonia. Even Italy is not that far. People buy cars there and via Bari-Patras ferry bring them in.

  • Cevair

    Lot of people from Macedonia live and work abroad in Italy. So nothing strange about it!

    • Marco

      Say what ???? nothing strange about it ??
      Are you crazy … that's the new CLS ! over 100k $ !!!

  • Virus

    I wash my car in the same car-wash, this is the owner who's holding the hose, the guy who works there is filming and begging him not to do it, in the end he asks him to give the car to him if he doesn't need it :)
    It's purchased and licenced in Italy, the guy who owns it is Roma (gypsy). Lord knows how he earned it, hard labor is not the way surely :)

  • Virus

    This is the owner who's holding the hose (the owner of the car that is)

    • Marco

      AAAAAAAAAAA ! That's not possible…

      If this true, ask him how much it is 5+6 … most probably will tell you 12 , 10, …. incredible !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!