[VIDEO] Tesla Model S gets crash tested by the NHTSA, gets 5 stars image

The Tesla Model S has been recently awarded with a 5-star safety rating after it was crash tested by the safety specialists at the NHTSA.

The result which a lot of people were expecting, the answer to the question “is the Tesla Model S a safe car?” has been made public and the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) had a big role in the whole picture. The Tesla Model S has been awarded with a 5-star safety rating after the vehicle has been crash tested and the result isn’t coming as a surprise actually, because Hollywood’s new Toyota Prius was believed to be a safe car.

If you’re looking into the Tesla Model S and you want to purchase such a vehicle, you should definitely check out the videos posted below which are revealing the crash tests conducted by the NHTSA. The Tesla Model S is coming in three versions, the 85 kWh with 420 HP and 360 HP and the 60 kWh with 302 HP. All variants are coming with a single-speed fixed gear transmission. The Model S is being assembled currently in Freemont, California, and it has a four-door body style. The model is the first full electric luxury sedan available for order.