[Videos] Futuristic BMW i8 tech also available on “standard” models image

BMW’s i8 sports car is at the forefront of the company’s technology prowess. It’s performance rivals that of a supercar, the fuel consumption could be mistakenly thought to belong to a city car and the technology seems to come from a spacecraft.

Yes, it’s a high priced exotic – at $135,000, most people won’t even dream of ever owning one. Yes, driving it could be an experience far fetched from conventional motoring. And yes, it’s loaded with the very best the German premium automaker has available. The thing is, you don’t need to have an i8 for some of the goodies.

“Innovation is at the core of everything we do. Following in the lead of the BMW i8, which epitomizes innovation, we are elevating the technology across our entire range of BMW models, as highlighted in this national campaign,” comments Trudy Hardy, vice president of marketing for BMW of North America.

The automaker is highlighting the features that are available on the i8 and then reach other models in a US wide campaign that starts on September1. The first of the ads, called “Looking Forward,” reveals the i8’s full-color heads up display (HUD) can also be had on the 2015 3 Series sedans through the $3,150 Technology Package or the $950 Driver Assistance and $1,900 Driver Assistance Plus Packages.

“Eyes Everywhere,” the second ad, talks about the i8’s surround view camera system. The catch is that the 360-degree panoramic view can also be had in the 2015 X3 crossover – it comes with the $2,850 Driver Assistance package.

The last, but not the least is the “Change” ad that shows us the incredible LED headlight technology – a fully adaptable system that makes i8’s headlights some of the most advanced and energy-efficient in the world. The system also comes now as an optional extra for the 5 Series, in the $1,900 Lighting Package.

Via Business Insider