Vw to introduce seven-seater SUV for U.S. image

It’s not new the fact that Vw wants to become largest aumaker in the world by 2018. One thing is clear. U.S. market is something new for the german automaker.

After they learned that success lies in larger cars, they launched last week at Detroit the US-spec Passat. The U.S. Passat will actually be decontented to reduce the price by several thousand dollars. Diferences between the US-spec Passat and the European Passat; the U.S.-spec Passat has 4, 868 mm while the European brother has 4, 769 mm.

Now, Vw wants to introduce a large seven-seater SUV. This new SUV will be a cheaper alternative to the Touareg (might start at $38.000) , and most probably will be made at the firm’s new plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, alongside the US-spec Passat.

For the moment there are no technical informations, or what platform will use, but we stay in touch with the situation.