VW to Phase Out the Routan Minivan image

The president of VW in America announced the automaker will phase out production of the Routan minivan due to declining demand.

“We’re still taking a few vehicles from Chrysler during the course of this year mainly for some internal purposes, for some company cars, some fleet usage. But essentially the retail marketing of Routan is tailing down now. We will be exiting that over time now,” Jonathan Browning, president of Volkswagen Group of America, said at the New York Auto Show.

Although other automakers are coming up with new minivans, such as Honda with its 2014 Odissey Touring Elite minivan, which has a built-in vacuum cleaner, VW believes that the segment will continue to contract as customers begin to turn to SUVs and crossovers, part of the fashion to haul their families.

This year VW unveiled its midsize SUV CrossBlue concept, which can seat seven people. In 2012 the automaker sold 12,000 Routan minivans in the US and this year the company expects to sell only a few thousand units. the Routan will probably stop with the 2014 model year, but the German automaker has not made yet an official announcement regarding the phasing out of the production.