If in Europe one gallon (or 3.78 liters) of premium petrol costs around 5.2 – 6 Euros ($ 7 – 8), in U.S. things are a little more “green” – one gallon is about $3.2. That’s half!

Good enough? Well no because there are some countries where is a pleasure to get your 6 liter V12 car and take a ride without any problem. We’re talking about countries where for a ‘full’ you pay $28! ? Well?

Ok – On the first place is Afghanistan. Here 1 liter costs $0.29. So for a full on a BMW 760i you will pay $29 (760 tank capacity: 26 gallons)

Second place: South Africa. Here petrol costs $1.1, while for diesel you will pay ~$0.9 . So – no problem here either.

Another country were hybrid and electric cars will not get very soon is Algeria, where one gallon of premium gas costs $1. However here diesel is a little bit expensive. $1.7 for one gallon. So only petrol cars here.

Armenia also is a great country by petrol costs. Here a gallon costs $ 2.2 (gas), while for diesel you will pay $2.6.



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