You could by a Hot Wheels car for $150k image

Seriously, we’re way past April 1st, so this is no joke – even though you’re pretty much used to having your Hot Weels car of choice at a fraction of the cost.

But this is no ordinary Hot Wheels car – it’s the Holy Grail of Hot Wheels, according to Antiques Roadshow, and there’s of course a sensible explanation to why this costs so much. It’s actually called the Beach Bomb and was originally Hot Wheels’ model for a 1969 Volkswagen Microbus that was sold with a pair of surfboards. However, the original design was too heavy and didn’t work with the Mattel Supercharger used to shoot the toy cars at high speed. And the company only found out about the flaw after delivering some prototypes.

You could by a Hot Wheels car for $150k 3

They redesigned it, with the surfboards on the side, and it was the product that arrived in stores. The owner of the Beach Bomb prototype got it from his dad who worked as a foreman at Mattel – he told they little boy to play with the toy but hold it because sometime it might be worth something… The toy is actually in great shape and even wears a dark red body which is also a less common color… hence the value of $100,000 to $150,000.

Via Antiques Roadshow