Youngman to use Saab’s Phoenix platform; may build new cars in Sweeden image

Even if Saab has been declared bankrupt on Monday, Youngman, the Chinese manufacturer of automobiles, buses and trucks has just announced that they’ve acquired the rights to Saab’s Phoenix vehicle architecture.

In addition, Youngman said it plans to set up a new company that will build and develop a new vehicle based on Saab’s Phoenix platform.

Not much is known about the Phoenix platform other than that it was to underpin Saab’s next premium compact 9-3 sedan.
The platform was said to be unrelated to any prior General Motors-based designs.

“I feel as if the discussions and plans that took place between the Saab management and Youngman may well be realized even at this stage, but excluding the technology that GM provides,” lawyer Johan Nylen, acting as Youngman’s representative in Sweden, said in an interview with Reuters.

However, this would mean any new models cars would be at least two years away from the showroom, according to Youngman sources.

GM provides about 10 percent of the parts for the new platform, according to Saab’s CEO, but Nylen said Youngman plans to develop those parts themselves, meaning GM could not wreck a deal this time.

“It will be done by developing the parts that GM provide in-house instead. Then it will be completely decoupled from GM,” Nylen said.

Whether Youngman will be able to acquire the rights to the Saab name, badging and factory is unknown, however.