ZAP, today introduced its design and engineering expertise to the Chinese media and outlined production plans to bring all-electric vehicles to the Chinese market.

Pilot production of the ZAP Taxi is already underway at ZAP Hangzhou, the joint venture in Hangzhou with Holley Group, a global producer of electric power meters. The vehicles will be initially aimed at the Asian market, such as taxi fleets, as well as intra-campus transportation for large corporate, government, military and university campuses. Because of their frequently idling engines, taxis may cause more pollution than other cars. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, an idling engine is 20 times more polluting than one running at 32 mph.

“The vehicle integrates the latest AC electric drivetrain and lithium battery system technologies in a freeway-capable EV designed for specific fleet uses,” said Schneider.

ZAP’s design of the electric version of Jonway’s A-380 5-door SUV is capable of speeds of 70 mph, with a range of up to 300 km per charge depending on customer specification.


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