The Japanese automaker has decided to grace the worldwide audience of the 88th Geneva International Auto Show with the introduction of the Viziv Tourer prototype – something that fans may liken as a spiritual successor to the old WRX wagon.

But don’t get your hopes up too much for such a sporty station wagon – if Subaru ever decides to bring back from the greenfield the family hauler with a knack for super specials it will be in a few years from now. More importantly, the Tourer is the newest in the growing line of VIZIV (Vision for Innovation) concept series and comes to solidify the automaker’s upcoming design language that’s all about aggressive styling and carbon fiber light weighting. Just like with the rest of the Viziv family, Subaru isn’t keen on sharing too many details with the rest of us.

2018 Geneva Motor Show LIVE Subaru Viziv Tourer concept (1)

They’re only telling us the Viziv Tourer is equipped with the company’s ubiquitous symmetrical all-wheel-drive system and that lurking in the shadows below the hood is a boxer engine – we could have figured that alone as much. This practical four-seater comes with concept touches – such as 20 inch alloys, and arrives with not so compact dimensions, because it’s 4775 millimeters long, 1930 mm wide, and 1435 mm tall, with a good wheelbase coming in at 2730 mm. It’s also equipped with Subaru’s next-gen EyeSight system and an advanced autononomous driving system.


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