Akio Toyoda Plans to Reshuffle Toyota’s Top Executives image

This week Toyota will reshuffle its top executives, according to anonymous sources.

Akio Toyoda, who became president of the company in 2009, has reduced the number of board directors and offered more power to executives in key markets, part of his effort to refocus the automaker on manufacturing and quality after a series of crises. These changes are intended to bring Toyota back as the world’s top selling automaker and to surpass rivals such as GM, VW and Hyundai.

The company’s president wants to make the executive vice presidents focus more on strategic thinking and broad decisions, and leave the day-to-day decisions to managers.

“Personnel moves are announced when decisions have been made. We cannot comment on this matter, including the timing or the content,” said Ryo Sakai, a Toyota spokesman.

Since Toyoda has become the company’s president, he has voiced his plans to make the automaker focus on making “ever-better cars” and bring ‘excitement to its line-up,’ instead of focus on short-term financial targets or shifting units. As part of this plan Toyoda has encouraged designers to replace the conservative Camry with the edgier-looking Crown luxury sedan, which has been launched in December and is still selling quickly.