Alfa Romeo 169. The new 166? image

Alfa-Romeo wants to become a full-range automaker. Again!. To achieve this goal, the Italian automaker needs to bring back the 166.

Alfa Romeo 169 to use Chrysler platform
According to some rumors, the next big Alfa will use the Chrysler LX platform which is used on today’s Chrysler 300C and Dodge Charger, and most probably will be rear-wheel drive. When it comes to design, course we are talking about Italians. The classic sedan is dead, long live the four-door coupe. The design of the Alfa Romeo 169 will come with much less traditional lines. Most of the elements that will be found on the next 169 sedans are already used on the actual Mito, Giulietta and 8C. The next big sedan is rumored to have almost 5 meters.


Announced back in 2008 the project has been pushed back multiple times due to the global economic crisis and is now presumed to appear in 2011. Alfa Romeo intends on making the new car the quintessential executive sedan aimed at competing head to head with high end automakers like Mercedes Benz and Porsche priced at around $62,000.


When it comes to power, some voices from Italy are talking about a new 3.0-liter V8 bi-turbo engine that might produce around 400 hp. Other rumors are talking about the 450BHP 4.7-LITER V8 FROM THE 8C COMPETIZIONE. That engine will be most probably set to compete with the most American cars, but if we are talking about the European market, well here the new Alfa Romeo 169 will have some diesel engines.