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According to a study made by TomTom, Brussels is the most congested city in Europe and congestion in the Belgian Capital is getting worse, showing a 1.2% increase in traffic since 2010. On the same time, UK sits at the top of the most congested countries list.

The study also brings gloomy traffic news for the UK. Bustling capital city London – in spite of a 0.2% decrease in traffic – climbs up the rankings to take third place in the most congested city list, while Edinburgh and Manchester both feature in the top ten.
In fact, a total of 16 UK cities feature in the top 50 – making the UK undoubtedly 2011’s most gridlocked European country.

But it’s not all bad news. Six of the continent’s most congested cities have significantly reduced traffic since 2010. Polish city Wroclaw has seen a 2.6% drop, moving it down to fourth place out of 50. Meanwhile, Toulouse in France has reduced congestion by an impressive 1.9%, making it fifth in the rankings with 33% of roads congested in the city.

In comparison, the German city of Cologne sits at the bottom of the top 50; only 18.9% of its roads are congested. But Germany still features six times in the overall list.

The data shows that you’ll have the most stress-free trip in Spain, Switzerland, Norway, Hungary, Ireland or the Czech Republic, each of which has only one city in the top 50.

The most positive change of all has been made by Ireland. While Belfast still sits at number 12, there has been a reduction of 2% in traffic congestion over the last year. And Capital city Dublin has reduced its traffic by a staggering 9.7% since 2010 – although at 24.2%, it’s still got some way to go to beat traffic-efficient Cologne.

Top 50 most congested cities 2011 List

Europe Name in English
1 BE Brussels
2 PL Warsaw
3 UK London
4 PL Wroclaw
5 FR Toulouse
6 FR Lyon
7 UK Edinburgh
8 FR Marseille
9 FR Paris
10 UK Manchester
11 UK Bradford
12 UK Belfast
13 UK Oxford
14 IT Milan
15 UK Birmingham
16 CH Zurich
17 NO Oslo
18 IT Rome
19 UK Aberdeen
20 IT Naples
21 NL Amsterdam
22 NL Rotterdam
23 ES Barcelona
24 IE Dublin
25 DE Munich
26 HU Budapest
27 AT Graz
28 IT Genoa
29 UK Nottingham
30 FR Montpellier
31 AT Vienna
32 DE Hamburg
33 UK Southampton
34 IT Turin
35 NL Utrecht
36 CZ Prague
37 DE Bonn
38 DE Stuttgart
39 PL Kraków
40 NL Haarlemmermeer
41 UK Bolton
42 UK Guildford
43 UK Wakefield
44 FR Nice
45 UK Leicester
46 BE Antwerp
47 UK Liverpool
48 UK Cambridge
49 DE Essen
50 DE Cologne
  • CJK

    Surely you mean "The most congested city in the EU"? Otherwise, Moscow would beat all the others hands down!

    • inautonews

      Yes – Europe