Crashed Bugatti Veyron in the Netherlands image

It’s out of production, it’s mind blowing expensive, extremely powerful and it has just been crashed.

This Bugatti Veyron has turned into every owner’s nightmare after it has been crashed recently in the Netherlands. According to Wrecked Exotics, the model in question has been involved in an incident at a race track which has left it with some significant scars. We are talking about a scratched bumper, wing, rim and door and an affected headlight and blinker. It’s not something which cannot be undone but it will definitely cost the owner a fortune if the insurance won’t cover it. The best part is that no one was injured, though.

Bugatti has officially pulled the wraps off the iconic Veyron ten years ago, back in 2005, when the 16.4 has been introduced. This was followed four years later by the Grand Sport and by the Super Sport in 2010. The final version, the Grand Sport Vitesse, was shown a year later and a special edition, the Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse La Finale has marked the end of production. This has been shown at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. The Veyron was the fastest road-legal vehicle out there and it had a longitudinal mid-engine and permanent all-wheel drive, connected to a 7-speed DSG sequential transmission. Under its hood, the 8.0 liter W16 quad turbocharged unit was found, in various outputs. A successor for the Veyron is just around the corner and this is being referred to as the Chiron.