Dacia Duster gets two more awards in the UK image

The Dacia Duster has received two more awards in the United Kingdom from Top Gear Magazine and from FHM.

The FHM Magazine has awarded the Dacia Duster with the “Best for when You’re Short on Cash” distinction saying that the Romanian SUV is perfect for the times we are living. Besides the FHM Magazine, Top Gear Magazine has also awarded the Dacia Duster with the “Bargain of the Year 2012” for its cheap price. The famous publication said that no other automobile in the world is giving you that much freedom for the same money spent. As a quick reminder, the Dacia Duster will begin its deliveries in right-hand drive market UK in January, where the entry-level version can be bought from 8,995 GBP.

The cheapest variant of the Dacia Duster is coming with the 1.6 liter 16-valve gasoline engine, producing a total output of 104 HP in front-wheel drive. If you prefer a diesel, there are two configurations to choose for, the 1.5 dCi in two outputs, with 85 HP and 105 HP. This version is getting the permanent all-wheel drive and if you choose the Ambiance trim you will also get the CD player, Bluetooth and USB. The high-end version Laureate is available in the UK from 12,995 pounds and it’s adding leather trimmed steering wheel, AC and 16-inch alloy wheels, amongst others.