Dacia to become a Japanese brand? image

After closing down the gates of its Datsun factory back in 1986, Nissan has decided to revive the brand with the help of the Romanian automaker Dacia and Renault, where the Logan might be sold in the Far East with the Datsun badge on it.

The popular low-cost sedan Logan is already available in Asia where the Indian manufacturer Mahindra is selling a modified version of the Romanian car under the Verito name, because the Indians have bought the license to make the Logan and the French from Renault, Dacia’s mother-brand, are just engine suppliers for now.

Rumors are that the Asian Logan that will be made using the Datsun badge is part of what is known as the Plan 88 of the Japanese to launch, just like Skoda, a new model every six months for the next six years and the same rumors are saying that Nissan is already working on a car that will be even smaller than the Micra, probably wanting to battle the low-cost Tata Motors Nano.

In 1931 DAT Motorcar has launched a small-sized vehicle named Datson but just two years later, after Nissan has bought DAT Motorcar, the name has been changed into Datsun because “son” means “loss” in Japanese.