Frankfurt Motor Show LIVE: Citroen Cactus concept image

Previewing future additions to the C-line models, Citroen has officially revealed the Cactus hybrid concept featuring the Hybrid Air drivetrain.

Following on the footsteps of the 2007 C-Cactus concept, the new Cactus concept is a desirable, user-friendly car that creates a unique harmony between the distinctive and the practical, offering comfort for all occupants with easy-to-use technology. Distinctive features are is its 100% digital driver interface, but also the protective “Airbumps”.

The unique “Airbumps” on the sides represent a supple material that can resist to scratches and also incorporate air capsules, which absorb impacts. The Cactus is a rather distinctive crossover- style compact car, with a ground clearance of 21 cm and also 4.21m length, 1.75m width and 1.53m height.

On the inside there’s a seven-inch screen, which has replaced the instrument cluster, while the conventional control buttons were removed to make room for an eight-inch touchscreen. Interestingly, the passenger airbag is installed on the ceiling, and the conventional gear stick has been replaced by push-button controls.

Citroën says power comes from a new iteration of the firm’s Hybrid Air system which includes a PureTech engine and enables the Cactus to have a fuel consumption of less than 3 liters / 100 km (78.4 mpg US or 94.1 mpg UK). The system doesn’t require batteries so it doesn’t occupy interior space and in urban driving fuel consumption is 45 percent lower compared to a conventional-powered car.