Genesis outs the EQ900L, which is a bigger limousine than the Mercedes-Maybach S Class image

The world of executive limousines appears to have an issue with size – the bigger, the better. As such, the Genesis range has decided to grow both literally and figuratively with the introduction of the new EQ900L in South Korea.

The model is an extended wheelbase variant of the EQ900/G90 model and packs the same design wrapped in the needed modifications to handle the new proportions derided from the bigger rear doors and beefier B-pillar. The sedan is now 11.4 inches longer than the EQ900 and even 1.6 inches longer than the Mercedes-Maybach S Class. With the added room reserved almost entirely to the rear passengers, there’s no surprise the cabin goodies mostly focus on the executives and politicians that will sit back and go about their business while being chauffeured around. Among the most interesting amenities we can highlight the rear seat entertainment system and full-length center console that separates two adjustable rear seats with power footrests. The dwellers will also enjoy the premium leather upholstery, wood trim, and piano black accents.

Power is provided courtesy of the most powerful version of the engine lineup coming from the regular EQ900 / G90, namely the 5.0-liter Tau V8 engine that delivers 425 horsepower and 383 pound-feet of torque. While massive in size and features, the EQ900L in South Korea will represent a bargain compared to the Mercedes-Maybach S600, which retails from $189,350, as the Genesis limousine is reportedly going to start from around $125,000.

Genesis outs the EQ900L, which is a bigger limousine than the Mercedes-Maybach S Class 1

  • Bokshil Kim

    Genesis was the wrong choice to name the new division in my opinion. Genesis in the USA denotes the cheaper model in the Hyundai family. I think they should have named the new division EQUUS then numbered the different models EQ900 – EQ90 or G90. That way people don’t feel it a Hyundai. Much like Honda did with ACURA.